2020 Transatlantic Prospects Summit

Golden Twenties? Exchange and Coalescence in the New Decade

This event commemorates the annual Transatlantic Student Summit between Leipzig University and Ohio University. It serves both for taking inventory on previous programs as well as creating a launch pad for future exchange. The conversation will gather the perspectives of faculty and alumni involved in the exchange programs of previous years. Focus will be set on questions of what and how to move into a new decade of fruitful exchange.

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Transatlantic (In-)securities

The new decade began with a shock of historical dimension, as the global pandemic not only represented a humanitarian and health crisis, but also opened a manifold discussion about the functioning and values of societies on both sides of the Atlantic. 2020 appears to be deeply steeped in insecurities. The 2020 US presidential elections keep the world in suspense and with the 2021 federal elections in Germany, an entire era defined by the chancellorship of Angela Merkel is poised to come to an end. What constants and changes are to expect in a new decade of transatlantic relations? How can dialogue and exchange sustain and further a stable, cohesive and thriving transatlantic bond? Together, we will explore the challenges and chances of transatlantic exchange at the intersection of civil society, academia and politics, looking for both established and new fix points for orientation.

Find out more at www.dai-sachsen.de
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